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In the year 2000, retired Colorado Division of Wildlife Information Officer (and former District Wildlife Manager) Glen Hinshaw wrote his tome 'Crusaders for Wildlife: a History of Wildlife Stewardship in Southwestern Colorado'. It has taken some of us almost a decde to 'discover' this interesting read. I so enjoyed Glen's book, and all the geographical 'references' that he provided, that I decided to develop an internet 'MapServer' application that one could use to 'explore' all the locations in Colorado that Glen made reference to in his book. All in all I found 1432 of these references to various locales in Colorado. The 'MapServer' application has some built in search capabilites, and both an 'overview' data layer ('Crusaders for Wildlife') and Chapter by Chapter map layers (eg 'CH01'). The mapping application also provides access to basemap reference layers for Counties, Cities, Rivers, Highways, and a 'Digital Elevation Model' (data layer) for Colorado. You're encouraged to 'Try It Out!' NOTE: You'll want to have a copy of Glen's book by your side, as you explore the geography of Southwestern Colorado that he portrays in his book. The book is published by Western Reflections Publishing Company, and can be found by a search on Author (Hinshaw) at .

If you should have questions on the MapServer application you are encouraged to contact the application developer (Don Schrupp) at 'hqwris@lamar.ColoState.EDU' as it was developed independently from Glen's initial book authorship. (Glen may be interested in your questions too!) I have contacted Glen before going 'live' to the world with this application. He and his publisher have been so kind as to allow me to make this 'value added' supplement to his writing effort publicly available.]

Some additional considerations to be aware of relative to this mapping application: a) the USGS 'Geographic Information Names System' (USGS/GNIS) was used in a 'gazateer' capacity to research the geo-coordinates for the locations referenced in Glen's book; but they often reference a place on a USGS map where the 'Feature' label was placed, and as such may not provide the 'real' coordinates for the location referenced, b) many locations (as you'll find out) are 'repeatedly' referenced throughout the book, and c) there were a number of 'local' places Glen talks about (eg 'La Garita Ranch' and 'Cottonwood Cove') that I couldn't find geo-coordinates for, through the GNIS data set. I hope to be in contact with Glen to see if we can come up with coordinates for these areas. Enjoy!

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ElkPlace 'GeoBookMarkers' for 'Crusaders for Wildlife'

The base data are standard data layers assembled from the United States Geological Survey's DLG and DRG data sets, data sets from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and hydrography files from the Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW). Geo-coordinates for locations cited in Glen Hinshaw's book were 'researched' using the USGS 'Geographic Names Information System' (as loaded to a web-based 'look-up' program).

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