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THE COLORADO ATLAS MAPSERVER: The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) 'gazetteer' information has be referenced to a statwide Landsat Mosaic (courtesy USGS - SIM2101), and addtional vector data layers for highways, major roads, local roads and rivers.

If you should have questions on the MapServer application you are encouraged to contact the application developer (Don Schrupp) at 'hqwris@lamar.ColoState.EDU' as it was developed independently.

An additional consideration to be aware of relative to this mapping application: the USGS 'Geographic Information Names System' (USGS/GNIS) was used in a 'gazateer' capacity to research the geo-coordinates for the locations referenced in this application, but they often reference a place on a USGS map where the 'Feature' label was placed, and as such may not provide the 'real' coordinates for the location referenced. Enjoy!

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The base data are standard data layers assembled from the United States Geological Survey's DLG and DRG data sets, data and a Landsat Mosaic developed by the USGS (SIM2101), but tiled by the author.

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