MORE THAN a BOOK REVIEW - "The Last Season"

THE LAST SEASON: "Twenty-eight seasons alone in the most remote and unforgiving of wild places had instilled in Randy Morgenson a remarkable sense of where the wilderness might hide a missing hiker or climber. Then one day this legendary backcountry ranger went missing himself ... "

In 2006 Eric Blehm wrote his intriquing account of "the extraordinary life of legendary backcountry ranger Randy Morgenson and his mysterious disappearance in California's unforgiving Sierra Nevada."

This 'companion' web application is designed to provide a reference to the places mentioned in Eric's book. My application ( GeoBookMarkers: The Last Season ) also provides access to basemap reference layers for counties, cities, rivers, highways, and a 'Digital Elevation Model (data layer) for California. If you 'zoom in' far enough topographic maps are available. You are encouraged to 'Try It Out!'  

NOTE: You'll want to have a copy of Eric's book by your side, as you explore the geography of Sequoia/King's Canyon National Parks, as portrayed in his book. The book is published by HarperCollins Publishers, and can be found by a search using a 'Search' on 'Eric Blehm' at .

If you should have questions on the MapServer application you are encouraged to contact the application developer (Don Schrupp) at 'hqwris@lamar.ColoState.EDU' as it was developed independently from Eric's initial book authorship.

Some additional considerations to be aware of relative to this mapping application: a) the USGS 'Geographic Information Names System' (USGS/GNIS) was used in a 'gazateer' capacity to research the geo-coordinates for the locations referenced in Eric's book; but they often reference a place on a USGS map where the 'Feature' label was placed, and as such may not provide the 'real' coordinates for the location referenced, b) many locations (as you'll find out) are 'repeatedly' referenced throughout the book, and c) there were a number of 'local' places Eric talks about (eg 'Sedona, Arizona' and 'Washington, D.C.') that aren't to be found in California, and therefore aren't mapped in this application. I will list these unmapped locations with a separate link. Enjoy!

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ElkPlace 'GeoBookMarkers' for 'The Last Season'
Download:   GeoBookMarkers' User's Guide for 'The Last Season'

The base data are standard data layers assembled from the United States Geological Survey's DLG and DRG data sets, data sets from the California Spatial Information Library (CaSIL) and hydrography files from the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG). Geo-coordinates for locations cited in Eric Blehm's book were 'researched' using the USGS 'Geographic Names Information System' (as loaded to a web-based 'look-up' program).

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